The future of earth rests on the ocean.

Our Impact Model

To stop the flow of ocean-bound plastic waste at its source, we work with certified partners to set up long term recycling infrastructure in areas worst affected by the ocean plastic crisis.

Collectors exchange plastic for money and gain access to social resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support and financial security.

All plastic collection is verified by our vetted partners using regulated waste management tracking frameworks and consolidated into our own immutable data ledger.

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Our Partners

We've chosen three partners based on their scale and attention to improving collectors' livelihoods. Working with a diverse group of partners gives us the flexibility to allocate funds wherever we can create the most significant impact.

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two men laughing as they transfer plastic bottles from their collection bags to a single larger bag

Plastics For Change

Plastics For Change takes a grassroots approach to waste management, leveraging community actions to drive systemic change and formalise processes that benefit local workers. Plastics For Change created the first Fairtrade certificate for plastic waste management.

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Plastic Bank

Since 2019, our partnership with Plastic Bank has enabled us to fund impact across projects in Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt and the Philippines. Plastic Bank’s Alchemy blockchain platform provides a secure income for collectors without the need for a traditional bank account, while creating social benefits focused on collector welfare, healthcare and education.

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rePurpose Global

In 2022, rePurpose Global opened collection sites in Ghana and Kenya, allowing us to extend the reach of our impact in areas that need it most. rePurpose Global is also committed to incentivising collection of low-value plastics, which otherwise have very little recycling value.

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