Ocean Co.

Ocean Co. is in business to restore the ocean's health.

We are a global network of change makers working together to turn the tide on ocean-bound plastic and improve livelihoods in coastal communities across the globe.

Our tried-and-tested impact engine provides organisations with a fully traceable solution to embed impact into their current business model, joining a community committed to climate action.

We have developed plug-and-play integrations alongside transparent reporting tools to create a tangible solution for companies to help restore the ocean's health.

We focus on high-quality, science-based ocean impact projects, working with a diverse group of partner organisations in the Global South. These projects are actively improving collectors' lives by making sure wages are regulated, different types of plastic are collected, and workers can access social support.

two women packing plastic into bags
man exchanging plastic for money
woman in plastics for change coat with gloves on and a bag thrown over her shoulder

We are on a mission to stop

7 billion bottles

in weight from entering the ocean by 2025

Will you join us?

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